About Journal

Important Note: This is a sample journal's website (iKNiTO Journal Management System) which is created with iKNiTO js tools. This is just for training purposes. All contents including names, numbers, articles, roles, images and texts are hypothetical and not real.

iKNiTO js is an integrated management system for periodic publication designed and implemented by NotionWave. It has developed with contributions from universities, scientific associations, and academic institutes. Now, it is one of the best Academic Publication Management Systems.

Presently, over 1000 scientific journals affiliated to various universities and scientific associations use iKNiTO js to manage the electronic publication of their journals.

Our R&D center is being cooperatively carried out with contribution from all the publications centered in iKNiTO js.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Robert Williams

International Advisory Board: Yusuf Chisti, Younos Smith, John Donald

For more information on iKNiTO js visit: www.iknito.com